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Vonasoft Capture Text Vonasoft Capture Text is a powerful text recognition software. It can capture and recognize text anywhere in your computer, such as message dialog, software interface, flash animation, picture, PDF and some webpage can not be copied, etc. With Vonasoft Capture Text, you won't have to re-type anything.

After installation Vonasoft Capture Text, you only use the mouse to select any area on the screen, it will capture and recognize the text in the wink of an eye, then save it to clipboard, editor and text file you want.

Really capture text anywhere? Even if the text on the picture? Download now and try it!

Latest Version: 2.0 
Price: $29.95
Requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT4
Languages: English

Download Now (Size: 1470K) Buy Vonasoft CaptureText Now (Only $29.95!)

Software Features

Powerful image text recognitionPowerful image text recognition
Vonasoft Capture Text is a professional text capturing software, which can be obtained from the images you want the text, recognition rate of 99% or more

Efficient screen text capture
You can easily use Vonasoft Capture Text provides screen text capture, select the specified screen text area (of course, you can also any particular area, Also includes full screen capture region) to obtain the desired word.

The form of a variety of word processing
Once you get the text later, Vonasoft Capture Text can help you to paste the text into the clipboard, save the text in the text output to the specified file, at the same time you Vonasoft Capture Text can be provided in a text editor for browsing and editing.

Download Vonasoft CaptureText Now (Size: 1470K) Buy Vonasoft CaptureText Now (Only $29.95!)


Only $29.95!